A new method for comfortable heating on board

• Highly efficient
• No permanent installation
• Use at once
• Easily stowed away

Price SEK 3590:-
Warranty 3 years.

including exhaust hose
1,25 m Ø 50 with sockets and stainless hose clamp
and carriage/ C.O.D.

The Cabin Heater PAN 2000
uses existing LP gas, paraffin/kerosene or spirit stoves as its source of heat. The power-saving fan (0.13A) is connected with 12 V. Dry warm air circulates within the cabin while exhaust fumes and moisture are led outside the boat through a flexible aluminium hose.

In case of power failure or any other fault a strong alarm will be heard. The alarm unit has its own current supply.

Capacity up to 2,000 W.
Length x height x breadth: 21 x 20 x 20 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg.
PAN 2000 has been tested by KTH,
the Royal Swedish Institute of
Technology, at the Department for
Applied Thermodynamics and by
Statens Provningsanstalt, the Swedish National Test and Research Station.
The model is made completely of
stainless steel and aluminium.
Swedish invention — Swedish made.

To order: Please send your name, address and
telephone number to order@pan2000.se

Enquires regarding purchase and the technology:
Percy Andersson +46 708 45 35 60, +46 8 766 19 41, info@pan2000.se

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